Yemen: Saudi invaders kill dozens in air raid

Source: Al Jazeera [Qatar]

“An air attack on a hotel near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, has killed at least 35 people, according to a local medic. Physician Ali al-Rakmi who was helping at the site of Wednesday’s strike in Arhab town’s Qaa al-Qaidhi district, said there were more than 100 people inside at the time of the attack, all farmers who work in growing qat — a plant widely used for a stimulant effect. At least 35 bodies were retrieved so far, he said. … Almaseera, a television channel run by the country’s Houthi rebels [sic], who control Sanaa, blamed the Saudi-led military coalition allied with the [Saudi puppet regime] for the attack on Wednesday. It said 41 civilians were killed and that the death toll was expected to rise further. Officials and witnesses told the Associated Press news agency that the death toll had reached 60 and that the majority of those killed were Houthis rebels [sic].” (08/23/17)