The Donald’s pathetic Afghan flip-flop

David Stockman

by David Stockman

“In essence, the Washington military machine has been pounding Afghanistan back to the stone age for 17 years for no logical or rational reason except revenge and the fact that unless it is outright defeated, as in Vietnam, the American military machine rarely leaves that lands its occupies (e.g. Japan, South Korea, Germany etc.) Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s 35 million citizen have been reduced to a life of misery, destitution, violence and constant warfare. … The sheer insanity of the occupation policy that the Donald has now embraced is perhaps best illustrated by this juxtaposition. During 2017 DOD will spend nearly $45 billion on a war to kill and destroy alleged enemies in a country that has only $19.5 billion of GDP. Even then, the Taliban controls upwards of 40% of the country, including much of the Pashtun/Sunni heartland.” (08/24/17)