If you can’t change your mind, change the subject

Source: LewRockwell.com
by Andrew P Napolitano

“On the heels of his worst week in office, during which his crude comments about race were widely perceived as defending racism and hatred — comments that sent some of his natural domestic allies fleeing — President Donald Trump could not bring himself to articulate a mea culpa. … Like former President Bill Clinton after his disastrous public appearance before a federal grand jury that was investigating him, Trump decided to fight a war. But the war he announced we will ‘fight to win’ earlier this week is the longest, most misguided, costliest and least understood war in our history, and we are fighting for people who hate us. If these phrases and ideas sound familiar, they should. They are not my words — though I agree with them — but those of candidate Trump. … If he has been consistent on any public issue, it has been his opposition to this useless, lawless, costly war — until he needed to change the subject.” (08/24/17)