KY: ICE abducts (and plans to deport) young mother with “legal status”

Source: USA Today

“Immigration police officers seized a 22-year-old mother of two young children last week and are holding her for deportation despite having legal status, the Enquirer has learned. In a case with national implications, Riccy Enriquez Perdomo, 22, of Florence, Ky., was arrested Thursday and has been held at four different locations since then, say her family and attorneys. Federal officials say they plan to deport Enriquez next week, family members say. She has been moved to the McHenry County Jail northwest of Chicago. It is the final stop for detainees who are in the deportation process in that region.” [editor’s note: Is abducting and deporting someone somehow magically better if they HAVEN’T complied with evil and unconstitutional immigration laws? – TLK] (08/24/17)