Can self-directed education exist in public schools?

Kerry McDonald

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Kerry McDonald

“Last week on this blog’s Facebook page I asked: ‘Do you think Self-Directed Education (SDE) can be integrated into the current public schooling model?’ Responses ranged from ‘no way’ to ‘anything is possible,’ with commenters pointing out the key factors that would need to exist to make it work: increasing parental empowerment and mobilization; loosening compulsory schooling regulations; trusting children more and weakening the authoritarian structure of modern schooling; investing in smaller schools and classrooms. I particularly like The Open School’s reply: ‘Why would you want to? That would be like trying to convert your car into a lawn mower. You’d stick a blade on the bottom of it? Reduce the engine size? You would still have a hard time making tight turns and probably either get stuck or go too fast and crash. It would be cheaper, faster, and more reliable to sell the car and buy a lawn mower. We already have working SDE schools. But most people don’t want SDE.'” (08/24/17)