Guatemala: Morales foiled by court in effort to expel head of UN anti-corruption commission

Source: Los Angeles Times

“Prresident Jimmy Morales announced Sunday that he was expelling the head of a U.N. anti-corruption commission that is investigating his campaign’s financing — only to have the order quickly blocked by Guatemala’s top court. Morales’ move also drew criticism from the international community, including the United States, and at least two protests sprang up in the capital to decry the order. … Chief prosecutor Thelma Aldana, working with the U.N. commission, announced Friday that she was asking the top court to recommend stripping Morales of his immunity from prosecution in order to investigate financing of his 2015 campaign, when he ran on the slogan, ‘Neither corrupt nor a crook.’ If the court agrees, the decision on immunity would be made by Congress. The prosecutor said Morales had refused to account for more than $800,000 in campaign financing and had hidden his own party’s accounts.” (08/27/17)