In Europe, hate speech laws are often used to suppress and punish left-wing viewpoints

Source: The Intercept
by Glenn Greenwald

“This is how hate speech laws are used in virtually every country in which they exist: not only to punish the types of right-wing bigotry that many advocates believe will be suppressed, but also a wide range of views that many on the left believe should be permissible, if not outright accepted. Of course that’s true: Ultimately, what constitutes ‘hate speech’ will be decided by majorities, which means that it is minority views that are vulnerable to suppression. … Even if ‘hate speech’ laws were magically applied by authorities exactly as advocates would wish — whereby only the ideas one hates would be suppressed and punished while the ideas one loves would be allowed to flourish — there would still be very good reasons to oppose such laws.” (08/29/17)