Solve the sanctuary city conflict by granting statehood to cities

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Ryan McMaken

“More than 30 states have moved with varying degrees of success to rein in so-called sanctuary cities that have pledged to not assist federal agents with rounding up and prosecuting suspected illegal immigrants. … Legally speaking, it’s not clear that the cities have much of a foundation to stand on. Unlike states, which are guaranteed a certain amount of sovereignty in the US Constitution, local governments are usually creatures of the state government itself. In most states, the state government does not guarantee specific rights to specific cities and counties. County and city lines have historically been drawn and re-drawn by the state governments. While the United States is a federalist system — albeit an increasingly centralized one — state governments are not federalist, but are unitary. Thus, state-city relations are not analogous to state-federal relations. But, laws and constitutions can be changed, and political solutions can offer answers where legal ones do not.” (08/30/17)