Chinese mining pool reneges on Bitcoin “New York Agreement”

Source: CoinDesk

“Chinese mining pool F2Pool no longer supports the controversial scaling agreement Segwit2x. … Although F2Pool was an original signatory of the agreement, its operator Wang Chun is now among the proposal’s detractors. … While F2Pool has flipped, however, other mining pools seem to be steadfast, again, most claiming they’ll follow through with Segwit2x. ‘We are strong supporters of the New York Agreement (Segwit2X). We support scaling bitcoin and doing so responsibly. We hope that the hard fork part of Segwit2X will also be upheld,’ said BTCC CEO Bobby Lee. Bitfury CEO Valery Vavilov echoed this sentiment, saying, ‘The initial agreement for SegWit2x has not changed.’ Even with support still high, major mining pool Slush Pool, who did not sign the agreement when it was orignally released, remains undecided.” (08/31/17)