Kaspersky Lab turns the tables, forces patent troll to pay cash to end case

Source: Ars Technica

“In October, Kaspersky Labs found itself in a situation familiar to many tech companies: it was sued by a do-nothing patent holder in East Texas who demanded a cash settlement before it would go away. The patent-licensing company, Wetro Lan LLC, owned US Patent No. 6,795,918, which essentially claimed an Internet firewall. The patent was filed in 2000 despite the fact that computer network firewalls date to the 1980s. … Wetro Lan’s settlement demands kept dropping, down from its initial ‘amicable’ demand of $60,000. Eventually, the demands reached $10,000 — an amount that’s extremely low in the world of patent litigation. [Kaspersky attorney Casey] Kniser tried to explain that it didn’t matter how far the company dropped the demand. ‘Kaspersky won’t pay these people even if it’s a nickel,’ he said. Then Kniser took a new tack. ‘We said, actually, $10,000 is fine,’ said Kniser. ‘Why don’t you pay us $10,000?’ After some back-and-forth, Wetro Lan’s lawyer agreed to pay Kaspersky $5,000 to end the litigation.” (08/31/17)