UT: Idiot cop abducts nurse for refusing to draw unconscious patient’s blood without a warrant

Source: Deseret News

“[Alex] Wubbels was working her shift as a charge nurse, or a liaison between patients and doctors and hospital managers, at University Hospital’s Burn Unit when she was handcuffed in the middle of her work area, pulled outside and put into a police patrol car for about 20 minutes. She was arrested after refusing to give [Salt Lake police detective Jeff] Payne vials of blood that he needed for an investigation because she said he did not have a warrant or meet any of the mandatory criteria needed for taking blood. Wubbels was later released and no charges were ever filed against her. But now, Wubbels and her attorney, Karra Porter, want the public to hear her story and see the disturbing body camera video.” (08/31/17)