Restating the obvious, briefly

Source: The Power of Narrative
by Arthur Silber

“I recently read still another piece by a well-known ‘antiwar’ writer bemoaning the fact that U.S. policy in Afghanistan has been a miserable failure. Not only that: it’s been a miserable failure for 16 years! (The particular article and the specific writer are of no consequence, but I’ll probably address a few aspects of this category of analysis in the next few weeks, using that and other examples.) To call U.S. policy in Afghanistan a failure is, of course, unutterably wrong. Whenever you hear someone peddling this line, you can quickly and safely move along to find an analyst who actually knows what he’s talking about.” [editor’s note: “Failure” v. “success” assumes purpose. And claiming that Afghanistan is all one or all the other unduly assumes only one possible purpose – TLK] (09/01/17)