Butthurt snowflake US AG to try woman a second time for laughing at his dumb ass

Source: New York Daily News

"She may not get the last laugh after all. A woman who was arrested for chuckling during Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing in January will be tried a second time, according to HuffPost. Desiree Fairooz had been previously convicted for her noisy disruption, but the 61-year-old protester caught a break when a judge threw out the guilty verdict in July. She had a chance to avoid a second trial, but rejected a plea deal because it would have been an admission of guilt, she told HuffPost. Now the Justice Department, headed by Sessions, will put Fairooz on trial again in November." (09/01/17)


  • dL

    why is this not a 5th amendment double jeopardy violation? This was a not a case of a hung jury or mistrial. The original trial was a jury conviction that was then tossed out by the presiding judge.

    Note: AG Butthurt Snowflake is the appropriate way to henceforth address Jeff Sessions…