Treating teachers as normal employees benefits children

Teresa Mull

Source: Heartland Institute
by Teresa Mull

“The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) has been treating its teachers as though they are normal, private-sector employees, and it’s paying off for students. ‘Since 2012, we have been studying IMPACT, a seminal effort by the [DCPS] to link teacher retention and pay to their performance,’ Education Next reported recently. … Teachers have a tough job; there’s no question about that. Molding the minds of young people is no easy task, and many teachers work long hours for mediocre pay. But there’s a myth in this country, perpetrated primarily by teachers unions, that public school teachers are a protected class that is never deserving of rebuke. However, the truth of the matter is public education, and government in general, tends to attract the worst types of employees: those who want a cushy job with lots of perks that is nearly impossible to lose.” (09/05/17)