Yes, stealing intellectual property is stealing

Source: Heartland Institute
by Seton Motley

"One of the ongoing ridiculous myths that exists on the Left — and, even more maddeningly, with some on the alleged Right — is that stealing intellectual property (IP) is … not stealing." [editor's note: Motley is particularly reliable among supporters of the "intellectual property" scam when it comes to failing either to make a compelling argument for his side (beyond "but IP is property because I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it to be property") or to honestly present, let alone take on, the arguments of the other side. You could damn near set your watch by him, if the process of setting your watch by him wasn't presumably covered by some troll's patent claims – TLK] (09/07/17)

  • JdL

    In my view, the real whiners are those who demand access to every creative work for free. Poor babies: can you imagine someone asking you to PAY for his/her creations? The very idea! Just take a copy and wave your hands to rationalize that it's "not stealing".

    • "those who demand access to every creative work for free"

      The next person I meet who does that will be the first.

  • dL

    The author's "Less Government" site is a thinly-veiled cover for a one man rant for trade retaliation against China. Scam artist.