A left strategy for breaking the power of Trump and his white-supremacist [sic] base

Source: In These Times
by Max Elbaum

“The consolidation of a grassroots-based, independent political formation that can fight both inside and outside of the electoral arena and the Democratic Party is crucial for translating a victory over Trumpism into momentum for radical change. The white-supremacist violence In Charlottesville (and Donald Trump’s embrace of the ‘very fine people’ who marched and murdered under Confederate and Nazi banners) did more than sharpen the intense polarization already underlying U.S. politics. It spotlighted the dangerous role white nationalism plays in galvanizing Trump’s racially anxious white social base, while energizing the anti-racist and democratic-minded forces that have the potential to overcome it. Realizing that potential is going to require the resistance — especially its radical wing — to up our game. This escalation must be anchored in five key points.” [editor’s note: As long as “the left” insists on dismissing every Trump voter as “white supremacist scum” (and conflating one asshole with a car with the entire rally) they will continue to undercut any chance of consensus being reached about a better society – SAT] (09/12/17)