Hurricane Donald: Changing course and highly dangerous

Source: The American Prospect
by Robert Kuttner

“In case you had any doubt, the two most recent superstorms, Harvey and Irma, whose damage will hit $300 billion, underscore the fact that the United States will need to spend many trillions of dollars protecting our shorelines and modernizing our infrastructure. Only the federal government can do this, as right-wingers like Texas Senator Ted Cruz found, when he changed direction on states’ rights and groveled for more aid for Houston. Donald Trump took office promising big bucks for infrastructure spending and make-it-in-America jobs. Such a program might have lifted his popularity above the mid-30s—and still could. The ever-impulsive Trump seems to be changing course again. Having cast his lot with the Republicans, Trump is furious that the House and Senate don’t just follow his decrees. A poor student of the American Constitution, he misses the nuances of separation of powers and the fact that we are not a parliamentary system. The entire Senate GOP caucus doesn’t just defer to Mitch McConnell. Each senator is a free-lance.” (09/12/17)