What matters is what happens next, not “what happened”

Source: Our Future
by Richard Eskow

“‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow….’ Remember when Bill Clinton used this Fleetwood Mac nugget as a theme in his 1992 campaign? Today, as Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir goes on sale, the Democratic Party Clinton and his fellow ‘centrists’ remade in their image seems unable to stop thinking about yesterday. Can the Democratic Party truly reject its past mistakes and look to the future? The past shouldn’t be off limits, of course. We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes. Nevertheless, Democratic Party operative Paul Begala tweeted, ‘New rule: Nobody is allowed to comment on Hillary’s book until … they have read the book.’ Why does it seem like Democratic insiders are always trying to police the discourse? Politics is public property. People can talk about whatever they want. Still, when it comes to political debate, it’s wise to actually follow Fleetwood Mac’s advice, and not just hum along.