Rise of the Superfluous Class, part 9

Source: Freeman’s Perspective
by Paul Rosenberg

“As I sat with the TCM crew at Jay’s (for those who don’t recall, TCM means the creatively maladjusted), I realized that they were living up to their name. The ideas they came up with for the sanitarium people were pretty far outside the box. One idea, for example, was to keep a rolling stock of Uber driver credentials, which could be abandoned after each tax season (or if Uber noticed their fake tag numbers) and replaced by another. And before I could complain about innocent people being hassled, they explained that they would only use IDs from the deceased. I warned about feds going after them anyway, but they had heard my argument before. Besides, for some of them skating on taxes made the difference between a plain life and destitution.” (09/12/17)