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Dear readers,

THANK YOU for your patience. Steve is back home and on top of his end of Rational Review News Digest / Freedom News Daily, but I’m still working on a tiny laptop by lantern light (and getting this post scheduled in the evening in case the generator runs out of gas and I’m out of battery before morning).

Power is still off in our part of Alachua County. As of today, all the hotels remained full, but according to at least one innkeeper that was because people trying to return to homes in south Florida couldn’t find gasoline.

Another merchant tells us that he’s expecting to get back to normal on gasoline supply tomorrow, so hopefully I can get moved into a hotel with power, AC, wi-fi and a hot shower. I look forward to breaking out my desktop machine and two monitors so that I can start getting work done the right way.

BUT … we do have a full edition for you today, 20 news items, 30 commentaries and a few podcasts/videos. It’s web-only — formatting the email editions is a major operation on a small single screen — but it’s waiting for you at:


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Tom Knapp
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