Shkreli apologizes for bizarre Facebook post offering money for Hillary Clinton’s hair

Source: CNBC

“Martin Shkreli apologized Tuesday for a bizarre Facebook post about Hillary Clinton’s hair that threatens to land him in jail , saying he used “poor judgment” with it ‘my awkward attempt at humor.’ Shkreli’s mea culpa was attached to a letter that his lawyer sent a judge asking her not to revoke the $5 million release bond of the bombastic ‘pharma bro.’ … Shkreli, 34, last week encouraged followers of his Facebook page to grab samples of Clinton’s hair from her head and said he would pay them $5,000 per sample. The post sparked an inquiry from the U.S. Secret Service — and led federal prosecutors to ask Judge Kiyo Matsumoto to jail Shkreli as a potential danger to the community.” [editor’s note: The purpose of bond is to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court, full stop. The prosecutors should be personally sanctioned for using a bad Twitter joke as the basis of a frivolous and malicious motion to revoke Shkreli’s bond – TLK] (09/12/17)