GOP’s slapdash budget deal: Headed for a trainwreck

Source: USA Today
by Robert Robb

“The breathtaking, and disturbing, financial incompetence of the federal government was on display last week, with the slapdash agreement to fund operations for another two months. The federal government is a $4 trillion enterprise, yet Congress manages its finances as though it were a garage sale. Here’s the way the process is supposed to work, according to statutory requirements set forth in the Budget Control Act of 1974. The federal government’s fiscal year begins Oct. 1. By the prior April 15, both houses of Congress are to have adopted a budget resolution, setting forth in general terms how much is to be spent the following year and in what categories. The House Appropriations Committee is to report out all bills actually authorizing the expenditure of funds the following year by June 10. The House is to complete action on all spending bills by June 30.” (09/12/17)