Only real solution to “North Korea crisis”: A vibrant anti-imperialist movement

Source: In These Times
by Lisa Torio

“‘When you live in Okinawa, you can never quite escape the feeling of war.’ Amid escalating fighting words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, the world has become increasingly fixated on North Korea’s military power. The North Korean regime’s string of long-range missile tests, paired with reports of miniaturized nuclear warheads, have brought debate over how the United States and its allies should, as The New York Times put it, ‘defang’ Pyongyang’s missile programs. North Korea recently conducted the country’s sixth and largest nuclear test, prompting U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to warn that any threat could be met with a ‘massive military response.’ What’s rarely mentioned amid the sensationalism of ‘breaking news,’ however, is the presence of the region’s most powerful military power: the United States.” (09/13/17)