TN: ex-Vandy prof responds to SPLC labeling her as “apologist” for white supremacists

Source: Fox News

“A former Vanderbilt professor who was targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an apologist for white supremacists responded on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Dr. Carol Swain, who is black, said the SPLC objected to her positive review of a film that offered credence to the idea that white people have been subjected to racism. ‘I’m not surprised,’ she said. ‘I saw they were engaging in mission creep and lost sight of their original purpose and started going after conservatives.’ … Swain said that anyone who criticizes the SPLC takes the risk of being called a ‘hater.’ … ‘They do nothing really for the poor,’ she said of their name.” [editor’s note: I keep waiting for SPLC to be declared a domestic terrorist group; still waiting – SAT] (09/13/17)