Sweden: Trader files regulatory complaint over Dimon/JPMorgan’s Bitcoin poop and scoop

Source: CryptoCoinsNews

“Did Jamie Dimon have an ulterior motive when he trashed bitcoin last week? Florian Schweitzer, managing partner for a bitcoin market trading firm, has filed a complaint with a Swedish regulator against JPMorgan’s chief executive for calling bitcoin a ‘fraud’ a week ago after learning that JPMorgan began buying into a bitcoin tracker fund shortly after Dimon made his comments, according to Quartz. … Bitcoin’s price dropped 24% from the day Dimon recently criticized bitcoin and the day the company made its XBT trades. The Zero Hedge finance blog accused JPMorgan of buying bitcoin on the cheap. JPMorgan told Reuters it was serving as a broker for clients who wanted to buy into the bitcoin tracker fund and that the purchase orders were for clients, not for JPMorgan.” (09/21/17)