Iran: Regime conducts new ballistic missile test despite [sic] Trump pressure

Source: The Hill

“Iran announced Saturday that the country has conducted a successful test of a new ballistic missile design despite [sic] pressure from the Trump administration to stop, and vowed to continue its weapons development. The new missile design has a range of 1,200 miles, according to a Reuters report. State broadcaster IRIB quoted an Iranian commander who stated that the country would not seek ‘permission’ for future weapons tests.” [editor’s note: There’s no “despite” about it. Any “sovereign nation” will generally not just reject, but flagrantly act in contradiction to, demands from a perceived enemy. “Pressure from the Trump administration” of this type, be it versus Iran, North Korea, or any other state, will almost inevitably get exactly the opposite of the allegedly desired result – TLK] (09/23/17)