The forthcoming global crisis

Source: The Cobden Centre
by Alasdair MacLeod

“If there is a lesson for us all since the great financial crisis, it is that central banks, even though dealt an appalling hand, are very good at managing local systemic problems, real or imagined. Bearish hedge fund managers, those masters of the universe, are throwing in the towel. Valuations, according to their models, cannot be explained, let alone justified. In truth, these investors have made the same mistake every cycle. They see the bubbles, but fail to fully understand their source. They think bubbles are solely the result of the madness of crowds, irrational bullishness ignoring fundamentals. They fail to dig a little deeper and understand the source is a repeating credit cycle. Only when you understand that financial bubbles are merely visible symptoms, can you begin to understand the underlying disease.” (09/26/17)