We need tax cuts to defuse political extremism

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“For ten years now, government has tried every trick for repairing the economy, from bailouts to zero interest rates to ridiculous jobs programs to protectionism. Nothing works. The only way to repair the problem is to stop punishing wealth creation and start letting people and businesses keep more of their own earnings. This shouldn’t be difficult to understand. Think of a locally owned restaurant you like. Better, go visit the restaurant and talk to the owner. Ask him and her what it would take to consider opening up another just like this one on the other side of town. How about a reduction of the corporate rate of taxation from 35% to 28.5%? I guarantee you will get the answer: yes, that would help. Much better would be 20%. Best would be 0%. Turn the United States into a low-tax utopia, sea to shining sea, and you will watch economic growth move from nothing to astronomical in a matter of months.” (09/28/17)