Catalonia: Crisis deepens as independence declaration looms

Source: CNN

“Spain’s constitutional crisis deepened Wednesday after the nation’s king lashed out at Catalan’s secessionist leaders in a TV address and the region’s President vowed to declare independence within days. … Both sides appeared set on a collision course after Sunday’s banned independence vote went ahead in the face of a violent police crackdown. The Catalan police force, Mossos, told CNN that its highest-ranking officer had been summoned by Spain’s high court in Madrid to answer accusations of sedition. Spanish authorities believe Mossos did not do enough to prevent the vote from taking place King Felipe’s rare TV speech was unexpectedly hardline — he accused pro-independence leaders of ‘unacceptable disloyalty’ and made no mention of the nearly 900 people injured in clashes with Spain’s national security forces. Instead, the monarch blamed the referendum’s organizers for the strife.” (10/04/17)