Ross Ulbricht’s 144,336 Bitcoins

by Edward Craig

“From Colorado, Paul Grant, criminal and civil defense attorney for Ross Ulbricht, sighed when reached by phone Monday afternoon, ‘It’s over. This part of Ross’ struggle, his fight, is over.’ Mr. Grant is referring to a United States District Court Southern District, New York, online publication of the civil asset and forfeiture stipulation and order agreed to by Mr. Ulbricht. … [Acting United States Attorney Joon H.] Kim’s press release, touting its windfall, clumsily recounted widely disseminated basics of the case while managing to spell Mr. Ulbricht’s last name incorrectly just prior to listing ‘statements made during other public proceedings, and other court documents.’ Curiously, there was no mention of the two undercover federal agents serving time for their crimes committed during the Ulbricht case. ‘And there is no reason to believe that all of their illegally obtained assets have been recovered,’ Mr. Grant incredulously laughed.” (10/04/17)