Trump budget director: What, me worry (about the national debt)?

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“It’s fun to debate whether Mulvaney has betrayed deeply held free market principles, in exchange for a belief that spending can stimulate the economy. But as Morrissey and Weissman suggest, the big story here seems to be the situational ethics. Just as homelessness seems to cease being a problem worthy of coverage when Democrats are in office, hand-wringing about spending our children’s inheritance seems to go out the window once a Republican is in the White House. How many times did Paul Ryan say ‘we’ve got to tackle this debt crisis before it tackles us’ during the Obama era? Mulvaney was instrumental in making the point that this was an existential moral issue. ‘Anybody who is up to speed on budget issues should be scared to death by what’s happening with the debt and the deficit in this country,’ he said in 2011. ‘If you’re not losing sleep over it, then you’re simply not paying attention.'” (10/09/17)