Supreme Court takes on public sector unions

Source: Cato Institute
by Ilya Shapiro & Frank Garrison

“At the start of this ‘momentous’ Supreme Court term — as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called it — most people are focused on partisan gerrymandering. But it’s not clear that there are five votes for inserting courts into every redistricting decision, thereby creating an election-lawyer full-employment act. Instead, as far as politics are concerned, what the term may become known for is blunting the power and influence of public-sector unions. Two cases now before the Court pit the First Amendment rights of millions of workers against a sort of government-union cartel that makes the most feverish theories of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign look like child’s play. Both revolve around one fundamental question: whether state legislatures can force workers into unwanted relationships with unions.” [editor’s note: No, it doesn’t revolve around that question, since the next time a state legislature forces a worker into an unwanted relationship with a union will be the first time – TLK] (10/10/17)