PA: No charges for man who tried to make pol feel like undocumented immigrant

Source: PennLive

“A man who was kicked out of a televised town hall for seeming to suggest that Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey’s daughter had been kidnapped won’t face charges. Simon Radecki’s question was inappropriate and offensive but was within the bounds of free speech, District Attorney John Morganelli said Monday, overruling police who initially planned to charge him. Radecki, a 28-year-old activist, was picked ahead of time to be one of Toomey’s questioners at the Aug. 31 event at a PBS station in Bethlehem. When it was his turn, he thanked Toomey for taking questions but then veered off-script and said: ‘I know we’ve been here a while. You probably haven’t seen the news. Can you confirm whether or not your daughter Bridget has been kidnapped?’ Police yanked Radecki off stage as he continued, ‘The reason I ask is because that’s the reality of families that suffer deportation …'” [editor’s note: It’s insane that whether or not the guy would be charged with a crime even seems to be a question; the only ones facing charges should be the cops who abducted him – TLK] (10/09/17)