Why not an IQ test?

Source: National Review
by Kevin D Williamson

"Trump, who cannot spell 'honored' or 'principles' — or 'tap,' 'counsel,' 'coverage,' 'hereby,' 'unprecedented,' 'ridiculous,' 'waste,' 'judgment,' 'paid,' and much else — likes to talk about his IQ. He assures us it is very high. How high? 'One of the highest.' He has challenged Mark Cuban, an actual billionaire, to an IQ contest. He has blasted Chris Matthews as having a low IQ, and has claimed, on separate occasions, that his IQ is higher than those of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Jon Stewart, Jeb Bush, and others. He suggested that Rick Wilson should be given an IQ test before he is allowed to appear on television again. Now, he wants to challenge Rex Tillerson to an IQ-off. … maybe he would be open to a wager: If he actually scores 132 or better on a properly proctored IQ test, which would make him a MENSA candidate, I'll vote for him in 2020 — and if he fails to score 132, he’s off the ballot. That's a fair bet, I think." (10/11/17)


  • dL

    It's debatable whether one should prefer one's devils to be clever or dull. That being said, I'm not sure spelling prowess is necessarily a measure of "IQ." However, that leaked conversation w/ the Australian PM is a reliable enough indicator to know that Trump is not intellectually bright.

    • Spelling prowess: The guy in his his '70s, has a business career behind him, graduated from Wharton, and even pretended to run his own "university," though of course like most of his activities it was a con job. Given that he has no admitted "learning disability" (e.g. dyslexia), I'd say the fact that he can't spell worth a fuck after all that education is a reasonable indicator of not insanely high IQ.