Mario Vargas Llosa is the perfect poster boy for Spanish unionism

by Thomas Harrington

“Among the many unionists to arrive in Barcelona from the other parts of the state on Sunday was the Nobel-Prize winning Peruvian-Spanish novelist, Mario Vargas Llosa, who stood before the crowd and issued yet another iteration of the critique of Basque and Catalan nationalism that he has been monotonously issuing over the past 25 years. The stock script goes something like this. Nationalism is a malign disease that appeals to our most primitive and basic instincts and that is akin, in many ways, to the worst and most oppressive forms of religion. It divides people and leads inexorably to violence. It therefore has no place in modern and developed society like Spain.” [editor’s note: Well, the “stock script” is certainly true as far as it goes … – TLK] (10/11/17)