The hysteria in the Harvey Weinstein scandal

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“Across the media and Twittersphere, on TV talk shows and in newspaper gossip circles, the allegations against Weinstein are treated as truths. Almost as final judgements. He’s guilty as sin — that’s how you feel, right? Admit it. It’s how I feel. I’m just not sure I should. That Weinstein denies the allegations is treated as immaterial, as if the right of individuals to deny accusations against them, and to be presumed innocent of those accusations until found guilty of them, were insignificant. As if this right were not the building block of justice and the thing that separates our fair societies from the finger-pointing hysteria of pre-modern or tyrannical regimes. This is not to say the actresses are lying. That would be an outrageous thing to imply, as some foul trolls have. Every person who makes an accusation of an offence must be listened to and respected. Otherwise justice doesn’t work. But it is to ask: don’t we need more than accusation to destroy a person?” (10/12/17)