Abandoning the Iran deal is just one example of irrational US diplomacy

Source: Cato Institute
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“The hostility to the JCPOA is merely the latest manifestation of an unhealthylack of prudence and realism in U.S. foreign policy on so many issues. Washington’s approach is characterized too often by impossible objectives, boorish, ham-handed diplomacy, and an unwillingness to make even the most imperative concessions to achieve success. The reality is that the JCPOA was probably the best deal that the United States and the other signatories could hope to get from any Iranian government. Indeed, it is surprising that Tehran was willing to accept even those restrictions. And despite allegations from opponents that Iran is violating the terms of the deal, the International Atomic Energy Agency continues to certify that Tehran is in compliance.” (10/11/17)