The CDC, like the FBI, dramatically undercounts deaths at the hands of police

Source: Reason
by Scott Shackford

“The media do a better job at keeping track of who the government kills than the government does. Go figure. By ‘who the government kills,’ I specifically mean who the police kill. A new study released this week shows that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which tracks stats on causes of death in the National Vital Statistics System, seriously undercounts how many people in the United States are killed during encounters with police. The report was put together by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, who compared the CDC’s numbers for 2015 to The Guardian‘s database of people killed in police encounters in the United States. Not only did the CDC undercount the deaths, but it did so dramatically, catching only half of them. The researchers counted 1,166 fatalities that year. The Guardian’s database caught 1,086 of them. The CDC registered only 643.” (10/12/17)