Two faces of sexism: Exclusion and exploitation

by Sarah Skwire

“Vice President Mike Pence won’t meet alone with women. Meanwhile, guys like Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein won’t keep their hands off them. 2017 is the year of the strict binary. Women’s roles are no exception. Pence’s camp would have women kept in some sort of professional purdah, where important avenues to public influence and power are cut off because it is just too morally dangerous to interact with women on equal terms. Trump and Weinstein would have women brought front and center — as long as they’re showing off a lot of cleavage and getting groped—but only as signals of their masculine power and success. Which role do you want, women of 2017? You get to pick one. No. You have to pick one. That’s how 2017 works.” (10/12/17)