Trump’s $33 billion tax cut you didn’t know you just got

Source: Investors Business Daily
by staff

“In a recent editorial, we noted that President Trump’s decision to get rid of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan would be a major money-saver for companies and a deregulatory boost for the economy. Now, new data actually put a dollar figure on it. Senior Trump officials now estimate that the president’s decision will save consumers some $33 billion. No, they won’t get a big notice on their monthly bill saying: ‘You saved $X amount this month, thanks to repeal of the Clean Power Act.’ But the money will go into their pocket nonetheless, since they will avoid paying the much-higher costs that Obama had baked into the energy cake through his plan to cut CO2 emissions by 35% over the next 14 years. As we’ve said, this marks a major promise kept by President Trump. He showed himself on the stump to be one of the most energy-savvy presidents ever, and smartly campaigned heavily in coal and mining country, in places like Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, while Hillary Clinton avoided them and even ridiculed them.” (10/11/17)