The Never Trump establishment still hasn’t reckoned with its policy mistakes

Source: Los Angeles Times

“When Sen. Bob Corker first proposed sending lethal U.S. weaponry to Kiev so that Ukrainians could fight off their nuclear-armed Russian neighbors, no one then warned that the Tennessee Republican’s ideas could hurtle us ‘toward World War III.’ When Corker came within an eyelash of persuading then-President Obama in August 2013 to bomb Syria, ‘get Assad’ and provide aid to ‘the moderate, vetted opposition,’ nobody said that the future Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair should ‘concern anyone who cares about our nation.’ Now Corker’s enjoying Strange New Respect from the media after plausibly calling President Trump a reckless, lying manchild. Everyone’s cheering on the brave if late-breaking Trump-apostasy from a yet another high-profile Republican — whose own interventionist policies will go safely ignored.” (10/12/17)