Neurologists: Mass hysteria may explain “sonic attacks” in Cuba

Source: The Guardian [UK]

“Senior neurologists have suggested that a spate of mysterious ailments among US diplomats in Cuba — which has caused a diplomat rift between the two countries — could have been caused by a form of ‘mass hysteria’ rather than sonic attacks. The unexplained incidents have prompted the US to withdraw most of its embassy staff from Havana and expel the majority of Cuban diplomats from Washington. … US and Cuban investigations have produced no evidence of any weapon, and the neurologists argue that the possibility of ‘functional disorder’ due to a problem in the functioning of nervous system — rather than a disease — should be considered.” [editor’s note: There’s also the obviously possibility that the whole thing was made up from whole cloth as cover/justification for policy changes toward Cuba that the Trump regime planned on doing anyway – TLK] (10/12/17)