Ryan blames high-tax states as GOP lawmakers balk on plan

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday lambasted high-tax states like California, New York and New Jersey, arguing the rest of the country is ‘propping up profligate, big-government states’ even as they pay billions more in taxes than they receive in return from the federal government. Ryan’s attack came as he defended the Republican tax proposal that would repeal the federal deduction for state and local taxes, saying it has forced the rest of the country to support those states’ high taxes and reckless spending. House Republicans from those states are bucking President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul package and GOP leadership over the popular tax deduction. The move to end the state-local deduction has angered GOP lawmakers and caused them to balk at supporting the nearly $6 trillion tax overhaul plan. The deduction is claimed by around 44 million people and costs the government an estimated $1.3 trillion in lost revenue over 10 years.” (10/12/17)