CA: Air quality in Bay Area right now as bad as Beijing

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

“San Franciscans woke up Thursday morning breathing air as polluted as that in Beijing, a city known for its suffocating gray haze. Some people wore masks as they walked or rode their bikes to work, an uncommon sight in the Bay Area. ‘These fires are bringing Beijing to the Bay Area and are allowing us to see what they experience around the clock,’ says Richard Muller, a UC Berkeley professor of physics who co-founded the site Berkeley Earth, which tracks air quality around the globe with an interactive map. On the morning of Oct. 12, the amount of particulate matter in the area in some parts of San Francisco were in the 151-200 range on the air quality index, matching that in Beijing The Bay Area has been choking on wood smoke since Sunday night after wind-stoked fires broke in Napa and Sonoma counties. On Thursday morning, most of the Bay Area reached an ‘unhealthy level,’ prompting schools to keep students inside at recess and forcing some to close entirely.” (10/12/17)