US Heimatsicherheitsdienst orders federal agencies to start encrypting sites, emails

Source: ZDNet

“Homeland Security is ordering federal agencies to deploy basic web and email security features in an effort to boost cybersecurity across government. Up until now, Homeland Security had been pushing businesses and enterprise customers to enable HTTPS web encryption across the board, which helps secure data in transit but also ensures that nobody can alter the contents of the website you’re visiting. The agency has also pushed DMARC, an email validation system used to verify the identity of an email sender, which helps to protect against inbound spoofed emails and phishing attacks. Now, the Homeland Security has set its sights on government agencies, which have for years fallen behind. The agency has issued a binding operational directive, giving all federal agencies three months to roll out DMARC across their networks. Enabling that email policy will prevent spammers from impersonating federal email addresses to send spoofed email. The agency is also requiring within the next four months for all federal agencies to employ HTTPS.” (10/16/17)