OK: Cop convicted of killing daughter’s boyfriend after three mistrials

Source: New York Daily News

“An Oklahoma ex-cop has been convicted of killing his daughter’s boyfriend in a verdict that came after three previous attempts to put him in prison. Shannon Kepler was off-duty in August 2014 when he shot and killed 19-year-old Jeremy Lake, the young Tulsa man who had been dating his daughter Lisa. The 57-year-old police officer has said that he was acting in self-defense, saying at trial that he believed Lake had a gun and that ‘it was either him or me.’ No weapons were found on Lake or at the scene of the shooting. Lake’s aunt said that her loved one was extending his hand for a shake when he was shot.” [editor’s note: For some reason the headlines always seem to refer to people who were cops at the times of their crimes as “ex-” or “former” cops. Sort of like “former bank robber convicted of bank robbery,” since the guy hasn’t robbed banks since being arrested – TLK] (10/19/17)