Brexit: May, Juncker aides in Twitter spat over dinner leaks

Source: Reuters

“The European Commission said on Monday it was the victim of a smear intended to disrupt Brexit negotiations after a newspaper report that its president Jean-Claude Juncker disparaged Theresa May’s ‘despondent’ demeanor over a dinner last week. It was the second time in six months that a correspondent for Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who is respected for his access to Juncker’s entourage, has published an account of the EU chief executive’s reactions after a dinner meeting with the British prime minister on Britain’s EU withdrawal. Sunday’s story, which painted an unflattering picture of a British leader worn down by party in-fighting and ‘pleading’ for help from the EU, sparked a Twitter spat between aides past and present to May and Juncker.” (10/23/17)