The Whitefish no-bid Puerto Rico contract stinks

Source: National Review
by Kevin D Williamson

“Meet Whitefish Energy, which has just been awarded a $300 million project to rebuild storm-smacked Puerto Rico’s electrical grid. Whitefish is based in the hometown of Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, who knows the firm’s chief executive and whose son once worked for Whitefish in a modest capacity. Whitefish Energy has two full-time employees, and its largest government contract prior to this was a $1.3 million job fixing 4.8 miles of power line. Its biggest government job other than that was replacing a pole. Whitefish Energy is a two-year-old firm, and it reported $1 million in revenue on its procurement documents. The firm plans to charge Uncle Stupid more than $300 an hour for a subcontracted lineman and $462 an hour for a subcontracted supervisor. (Subcontractors will make up the bulk of its work force, since — let’s repeat — the firm has two full-time employees.) The company will also charge about $400 per worker in per diem food and housing costs. A former Department of Energy official calls the arrangement ‘odd.’ Indeed.”