Brazile: I considered replacing Clinton with Biden as 2016 Democratic nominee

Source: Washington Post

“Former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile writes in a new book that she seriously contemplated setting in motion a process to replace Hillary Clinton as the party’s 2016 presidential nominee with then-Vice President Biden in the aftermath of Clinton’s fainting spell, in part because Clinton’s campaign was ‘anemic’ and had taken on ‘the odor of failure.’ In an explosive new memoir, Brazile details widespread dysfunction and dissension throughout the Democratic Party, including secret deliberations over using her powers as interim DNC chair to initiate the process of removing Clinton and running mate Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) from the ticket after Clinton’s Sept. 11, 2016, collapse in New York City.” (11/04/17)

  • Steve Trinward

    Glenn Greenwald has debunked this bullshit; see elsewhere in this editio

    • Greenwald debunked an impression that one could get from the headline if one didn’t bother to read the article.

      Brazile did indeed contemplate removing Clinton and replacing her with Biden. What one could knee-jerk conclude from the headline is that she assumed a power to do that all on her own, when in fact what she was contemplating was pulling the trigger on a process involving others.