Pentagon: Ground invasion would be required to destroy North Korea nuclear weapons

Source: USA Today

“The only way to locate and destroy with complete certainty all components of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program is through a ground invasion. That blunt assessment from the Pentagon is in response to a letter from two Democratic congressmen asking about casualty assessments in a conflict with North Korea. Rear Adm. Michael J. Dumont of the Joint Staff offered the assessment in response to a letter from Reps. Ted Lieu of California and Ruben Gallego of Arizona.” [editor’s note: I’d translate this as “DoD doesn’t want a war with North Korea.” In fact, a ground invasion would be the worst way to destroy the North’s nuclear weapons programs (the use of special operations teams under cover of an air war would be best). Since the ground invasion implies the most casualties, DoD is apparently trying to scare the pols out of going to war – TLK] (11/05/17)